JMK Partners Advocate

Investment funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital

Our work entails advising clients in their investments endeavors with an ultimate goal to minimize investment risks and maximize returns. In detail we advise and represent clients in the conduct of due diligence of the target company, structuring of the debt and equity investment, negotiation, structuring and drafting of investor’s rights agreements, management agreements and management compensation, structuring of majority buy-outs and minority investments, structuring of shareholder agreements, tax restructuring, IPOs. We also advice our clients in exit strategies and advise on the structuring and formation of private equity funds, venture capital funds and investment funds entailing Collective Investment Schemes which include an Investment Company, Unit Trust or Mutual Fund (whether open or closed mutual Fund), including setting up of Fund Managers and Trustees and the Firm ensures that during the formation process there is compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions including the obtaining of the approvals and licenses from the regulatory authorities.

In this area of law:

  • Our clients include private equity and venture capital houses, banks and financial institutions and investors in investment funds.
  • The Firm acts for Iungo Capital BV an international investor in its debt investment. It also acts in the structuring of the investor’s rights agreements as well as management agreement and management compensation.
  • The Firm advised and acted for a foreign investor in structuring of Investor’s Rights Agreement, Technical Service Agreement, Management Agreement and Management Compensation.