JMK Partners Advocate

Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

The Firm runs a Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department that is bent on sourcing for solutions in every complex issue. Our litigation team consists of members who are innovative, research oriented and above all, they are passionate and spirited advocates. We have represented clients across board from the Apex at the Supreme Court to the small claims Court which is at the lowest tier. We have also represented individuals and corporates in Tribunals, Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation etc.

We boast of our capacity having represented notable corporates and individuals in highly complex and contested suits touching on Commercial disputes worth up to 3 billion, Land Claims, Tax briefs and Tax Appeals, Constitutional Petitions, Election disputes, Criminal Matters, Employment and Labour Related disputes, Children Causes, Divorce Causes, Claims of Tort, Intellectual Property disputes, Probate and Administration Causes among others.

Notable litigation briefs include:

  • The Firm is currently spearheading a class action against an individual who fraudulently acquired title to a multimillion shillings gazetted public parking area in an Environment and Land Court Constitutional Petition.
  • The Firm has successfully defended an individual client on a claim of adverse possession of 21 acres of land of subject value of Ksh. 50,000,000 before the Environmental and Land Court.
  • The Firm has successfully represented various corporate clients and notable individuals in Judicial Review Proceedings one of which was seeking a review of the decision of Land Registrar Nairobi Lands Registry for declining to register our Client’s Transfer instrument and subsequently issue her with a Title.
  • The Firm has successfully represented various clients in divorce proceedings, child custody and maintenance claims having spearheaded the amicable settlement of such matters before going to full trial.
  • The Firm has represented various business owners in claims against the illegal actions, threats and eviction of tenants by landlords in the Business Premises Rent Tribunals (BPRT).
  • The Firm has successfully represented parties in the Rent Restriction Tribunal (RRT) and it has moved the Superior Court appropriately for review and quashing of the decision of the RRT where the rent in issue was not within the statutory limit of the Court’s jurisdiction.
  • The Firm has represented various individuals in insurance claims and it has successfully pushed for the compensation of the loss suffered by the insured persons running into millions of shillings stemming from loss of property through fire, running down, medical insurance claims, loss of goods among others.
  • Apart from tortious claims against insurance agencies, the Firm has represented clients in commercial suits against insurance agencies case in point the Firm is representing Mula Exports Limited against Monarch Insurance Limited for the breach of the insurance policy, improper cancellation of the policy instrument and the ultimate failure to honour their obligation under the contract with special damages amounting to the sum of Euros (€) 60,000/.