JMK Partners Advocate

Real Estate or Property Law

The Firm prides in its expertise to structure and handle the most complex real estate transactions including but not limited to mixed-use developments, joint venture real estate projects, fractional ownership of apartments and sale & lease transactions etc.
JMK offers the following services under Real Estate:
a) Representing developers in structuring real estate developments, negotiating sale agreements and leases; registration of sectional titles for unit buyers as per the Sectional Properties Act, 2020 and incorporation and registration of Owners’ Corporation to manage common areas of the estate among other obligations.
b) Representing corporates and individuals in all forms of land sale and purchase transactions.
c) Drafting and negotiating short term commercial leases and tenancy agreements.
d) Advising and acting for various clients in the process of Amalgamation, Change of User, Sub-Division, Renewal & Extension of Lease.
e) Rendering legal advisory services on all the relevant land use, land management, planning and zoning laws in Kenya.
f) Legal advisory services on the core land laws such as the Land Act, the Land Registration Act, the Sectional Properties Act, 2020 and their subsidiary legislations.

Apart from numerous individual sale and purchase transactions the Firm has handled the following development projects:

  • The Firm advised on the structuring of a project in the heart of Mtwapa town in the style of Mtwapa Developers Limited which is a mixed used development on 21 acres of land.
  • The Firm advised on the structuring of a Joint Venture in a project of the subject value of Kshs. 1 Billion in the Utange area Mombasa, on 80 acres of land.
  • The Firm has advised and structured a joint venture in a project of the subject value of Kshs. 3 Billion in the Prime of Juja, which was realized by bringing in various investors, financiers and the proprietors.
  • The Firm has advised and structured a residential development in Shanzu, Mombasa consisting of 24 residential units in the name and style of Canmore Apartments Limited. The Firm is currently handling the entire conveyance for the sale of the units from the sale agreements to the issuance of sectional titles over the units.
  • The Firm has advised the structuring of a development along the beach in Malindi consisting of 24 residential units, hotel and conference facilities, thereby, through the concept of time share ownership.
  • The Firm has advised and structured Fractional Ownership of Apartments by the name and style Utopia Malindi Apartments. It is currently handling the fractional ownership agreements among the identified fractional owners.