JMK Partners Advocate

Tax Law

The Firm offers direct and indirect tax advisory services to its diverse national and international clients including companies, NGOs, charitable trusts and individuals. In this area of law, the Firm offers the following services:

a) Pre-business establishment tax advice in order to enable the client appreciate the tax implications to its business and the most tax efficient vehicle for carrying on business.
b) General tax advice to individuals and corporate entities including advice on real estate tax, income tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), stamp duty, construction, mining, energy and infrastructure tax, tax structures of private equity funds, venture capital funds and other funds.
c) Advise on tax exemptions for NGO’s and charitable trusts, including assisting the entities in the application and obtaining of the tax exemptions from the Kenya Revenue Authority.
d) Advise on the most efficient remuneration structures for expatriate employees and top-executives including directors.
e) Negotiation and settlement of tax law disputes with the Kenya Revenue Authority through litigation and alternative dispute resolutions including mediation and arbitration
f) Advising clients on tax implication of employment decisions, tax implications of mergers and acquisitions transactions, private equity transactions and other corporate reorganization transactions.
g) Advise clients on customs and excise duty and exchange controls especially in relation to imports, exports and local manufacturing of goods.

In this area of law:

  • The Firm is currently in the process of advising Helen Keller International – Kenya Office on tax exemptions as a Non-Governmental Organization entity as well as tax implications of its expatriate employees.
  • The Firm successfully represented a confidential client in settlement of tax dispute of subject value of Kshs.35,000,000/= with the Kenya Revenue Authority through mediation.
  • The Firm advised Iungo Capital B V an international lender on the tax implications of its investments in Kenyan Companies.